BulkTP Presents Our Toilet Paper For Life Sweepstakes

Rules And Regulations

Offer open to all Continental US Residents

Must be at least 18 years of age
One entry per person per day
Prize Value- $1500USD
Drawing will take place in Greensboro, NC on 3/1/16
Prize Details
25 Cases (2400Rolls) BulkTP Brand Premium Recycled 2-Ply Toilet Paper

What is BulkTP?
BulkTP is a concept started by two friends who have been in the paper and janitorial supply industry for many years. We are not a large janitorial e-store that carries every item. We carry only common brands and items in order to keep costs lower and to help you get what you need faster. We are quickly finding our niche as a "secondary" source for many businesses and government entities that need a low cost, reliable backup for many of their common janitorial and institutional items. We offer delivered pricing, up front, for all of our most common items and quantities. Is your current paper supplier running a few weeks behind? No problem, call BulkTP and get a pallet delivered quickly and easily.

What is the BulkTP Brand? This is our line of common sense janitorial, restaurant, office, and industrial paper goods we feel bring the best value to the customer. We either manufacture BulkTP brand products ourselves or sub-contract local, privately owned manufacturers to make it for us. Either way, it is helping your wallet, the economy, and the environment. All our paper products are proudly Made In America and are 100% recycled.

Why does BulkTP have so many sweepstakes and giveaways? Long before there was BulkTP there was a guy that liked “sweeping”(slang for someone who likes to enter sweepstakes). I became hooked on it after I saw a special on TLC several years ago. The idea then happened to merge my profession (wholesale distribution) and useful giveaways. The goal is to save you money…and indulge my hobby! The “Toilet Paper For Life Sweepstakes” has become an instant success with more than 30,000 entries for the last drawing.Evidently, many Americans have caught on to the fact that not having to pay for toilet tissue for the rest of your life is a good thing…no matter how you look at it. Thanks to all those that enter once as well as BulkTP’s hardcore fans that enter everyday. Please check out our sponsors if you see something that catches your eye. We are a small business and definitely can use all the support we can can get.

How can I increase my chances of winning? BulkTP offers the following incentives to increase your odds of winning. It also makes it very easy to make sure you are entered into ALL our sweepstakes. Each incentive, except #1 and #2, can be used only ONCE per person during each giveaway.

1. Purchase anything off our website and receive 10 entries into ALL our sweepstakes. Receive an additional 10 entries into all sweepstakes if you leave a review of the product. Each month we will judge for the most creative review. The winner will receive 25 entries into all drawings and a FREE case of toilet paper.

2. Refer a friend or business who makes a valid purchase and receive 25 entries into all our ongoing sweepstakes.

3. Like, Follow, or Join us on social media and receive an additional 5 entries into all our drawings per platform.

4. Share, post, tweet or link to this giveaway on social media using the hashtags #BulkTP and #WeeklyWiper to receive 3 entries into all our giveaways. The URL for this giveaway is "https://www.bulktoiletpaper.com/Articles.asp?ID=83."

5. Share or tweet our BulkTP Brand 2-Ply using the social media icons on the product detail page and receive an additional 2 entries into all our giveaways.

6. Give your family and friends something they will use this Holiday Season! Did you know that BulkTP brand toilet tissue is made in North Carolina and 100% recycled? Purchase a case of BulkTP Brand 2-Ply Toilet Tissue as a gift for that special someone and receive 25 entries into all our sweepstakes.

Please identify the order as a gift in the notes of your purchase so your entry credits can be properly applied.

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